Climate-ready street tree trials

By Wpw, May 22, 2024

Authors: Anthony Manea, Leigh Staas, Lyndal Plant, Alessandro Ossola, Linda Beaumont, Sally Power, Tim Johnson, Rachael Gallagher, Gwilym Griffiths and Michelle Leishman


Street trees are on the front line of urban forest service delivery, supporting neighbourhood character, human health, waterway health, biodiversity, tourism and business vitality. In order to deliver these benefits, street trees must be well suited to the local conditions. Currently, urban ecosystems are experiencing unprecedented levels of warming and shifts in rainfall patterns due to climate change, which means tree species selections that have succeeded in the past may fail to do so in the future. Therefore, it is vital that climate ready tree species for urban greening are identified to ensure the resilience of urban environments to climate change. This can be achieved through street tree trials.


This “how to” guide provides an easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan to designing and implementing a scientifically rigorous trial of street tree species in an urban context.


Download the climate-ready street tree trial guide here (PDF, 4.38 MB)