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Climatic Suitability Feature

Future proofing at a glance

Each species displays a summary of it’s suitability for the postcode of your green space location.
You can also see the suitability of that species in your chosen location under three time periods - colour-coded for ease of use and palette creation.

Climatic Mapping Feature

Detailed mapping backed by scientific data

Each subscriber will have access to detailed climate suitability maps for each species for three time periods - 2030, 2050, 2070.

Palettes Feature

Create, save, share and export palettes

For growers, nurseries, landscape architects and urban greening professionals, creating a palette and sharing this with colleagues and clients, is a simple way to validate and streamline your greening projects.

Create as many palettes for as many postcodes as you would like.


Calculate the co-benefits of your planting palette

Once you build your palette you can calculate values for planting diversity, biodiversity, carbon value and shade value.

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